It’s the time to mow our yard. I must get the string trimmer cord refilled and the blades on our pruners sharpened. It’s a part of life if you have a home with a yard, you got to mow the yard We have always had a gas push[…]

Have you had the luxury of eating saimin.? This is a comfort, happy dish for me. I grew up eating this Hawaiian soup. It’s a bit of comfort and a piece of home each time I eat this, It brings back happy memories. If you have ever been[…]

Growing a small garden can be beneficial. You can get enough food out of a 4×8 garden bed like me. I’ll show you easy steps to help you have a great garden this year. I live in North Florida so our growing season for vegetables is long. We[…]

Want to build a raised garden in less then 2 hours well you can and it’s easier then you think. Let’s build this. Maybe you live in a place where it floods or you don’t like bending over to pick your vegetables, like me. We live near the[…]