Clean, creamy chicken enchiladas will make you be the star of the show in your kitchen. Being a clean eater we eat most of our food homemade, from scratch. This is a quick and easy dish that will feed a whole family and then some. You can change[…]

When I am in the garden nurseries or plant sections in the store I always seem to start up conversations with people buying plants. A few of them are newbies and learning how to grow a garden, plant some flowers or put a tree in their yard. so[…]

Let’s make some homemade, sweet bread and butter pickles, canning cucumbers is a great way to have homemade crunchy flavors all year. This is one of my passions aside from gardening. I’m going to teach you how to make bread and butter pickles. Super easy. I’ll show pictures[…]

Doesn’t that sound like a tropical vacation Pineapple Salsa? I wanted to try to use up all my pineapples I bought on sale recently and could not figure out after drying and preserving them. So I figured I would make a salsa with a kick and this has[…]

How to grow ginger mint you ask. It’s amazing the number of varieties of mint is out there. Ginger mint (Mentha x gracilis syn.) You might hear this mint be called different things such as Scotch, or Austrian mint. It has beautiful lavender blooms. The aroma smells like[…]

Chocolate Mint. Oh me oh my. The Latin name is Mentha x Piperita ‘Chocolate’. this plant is easy to grow and smells fantastic. It has a strong but subtle chocolate scent. Use these fragrant leaves in your meals and drinks. You can grow this herb inside or outside[…]

Catmint is not what you are thinking of, it has nothing to do with a cat. This is not catnip either. It has some difference as catnip as it is not as pretty in the garden as this is, It is a beautiful plant with deep purple blue[…]

I have taught you how to propagate mint from plants, now onto seeds. It is just as easy. The plants will take off once they come up. Getting them to sprout take a little work and mostly sunshine. There are so many positives about growing mint in your[…]

How to grow mint quick and free. Instead of buying several more plants, just grow some more. It is simple and easy to do. Find you a healthy plant and count down a few leaves from the top of the stem and take off those leaves. Have a[…]