The zone you live in determines how and what you plant. On the back of every seed packet it will give you planting zones that determine where you live. Zone 1 which is mostly the northern states are the coldest. These places have temperatures below -55F and the[…]

Let’s talk about the good bugs you need in your garden. There are many beneficial insects and natural predators that help your garden blossom. Here you will learn to have an inviting spot for these bugs. Having the good bugs in your garden somtimes help keep out the[…]

When I am in the garden nurseries or plant sections in the store I always seem to start up conversations with people buying plants. A few of them are newbies and learning how to grow a garden, plant some flowers or put a tree in their yard. so[…]

Happy Gardening quotes are everywhere. You can read them on posters, plates, and home decor, You can read these for uplifting quotes to have a happy garden day :)! A good garden may have some weeds I don’t like formal gardens. I like wild nature. It’s just the[…]