A carrier oil is a natural base oil most made from plants. These oils are used with your essential oils to dilute the concentration of the pure oils. Carrier oils are normally sold near or around your essential oils. These oils are lighter to be able to use[…]

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Essential Oils & the products that have oils in them when used on your skin allows them to enter the bloodstream throughout the body. There are many ways that you can apply them. Smelling the oils as well give you more benefits as well. Here are 5 ways[…]

How do you use essential oils? There are all kinds of ways. Let’s talk about five popular ways that are aromatic. Using Essential oils that are inhaled in different ways will expose your body to essential oils in more ways than some. If you are looking to relax,[…]

Essential Oils are the hype right now and there are alot of do’s and dont’s when using these. Not All Essential oils in the store are created equal. Look at the Label Do look at the label. Make sure the oil you are buying has one ingredient only[…]