Clean, creamy chicken enchiladas will make you be the star of the show in your kitchen. Being a clean eater we eat most of our food homemade, from scratch. This is a quick and easy dish that will feed a whole family and then some. You can change[…]

Let’s make some homemade, sweet bread and butter pickles, canning cucumbers is a great way to have homemade crunchy flavors all year. This is one of my passions aside from gardening. I’m going to teach you how to make bread and butter pickles. Super easy. I’ll show pictures[…]

Doesn’t that sound like a tropical vacation Pineapple Salsa? I wanted to try to use up all my pineapples I bought on sale recently and could not figure out after drying and preserving them. So I figured I would make a salsa with a kick and this has[…]

 Have you read what ingredients are in the most popular ranch dressing on the shelf? It’s gross. So let’s make a ranch dressing that is clean and super easy to make. I know what you’re thinking how can she write about ranch dressing well let me explain. The[…]

Want to make fresh, homemade, and easy salsa?. Salsa is a staple food in Mexican dishes. You can find it in almost at any party or get together. It is easy to make with a few ingredients. Every year my tomatoes produce hundreds. A better way to utilize[…]

Happy Heart with fruit clean eating

You want to start eating better but not on a diet right? here are the basic principles of clean eating. Switching to clean eating is the best option to start eating healthy. This is not a diet. It’s about eating food that is real, food you can pronounce[…]

Have you had the luxury of eating saimin.? This is a comfort, happy dish for me. I grew up eating this Hawaiian soup. It’s a bit of comfort and a piece of home each time I eat this, It brings back happy memories. If you have ever been[…]