The Good and Great Bugs in your garden.

Let’s talk about the good bugs you need in your garden. There are many beneficial insects and natural predators that help your garden blossom. Here you will learn to have an inviting spot for these bugs. Having the good bugs in your garden somtimes help keep out the bad ones .

Bees are the good ones

There are so many species of bees and depending on what region you live in depends on which ones you have. You need bees for pollination, they help with your flowers, fruits, and vegetables Squash bees are pretty common they are larger in size than the standard honeybee. The main job for these bees is to strictly pollinate. These bees nest in the ground, they build their nests 6-12 inches below the surface. There are many bees to help with this Mining, Digger and of course the standard Honeybee. Bees are becoming less populated due to the pesticides that people are using on their yards and gardens.

good bugs in garden

Ladybug, Ladybug where art thou?

Ladybugs are the friendliest of bugs. What child and adult for that matter doesn’t like to hold a ladybug in their hand?. Ladybugs are predators of many bugs that can destroy your garden. Whiteflies, aphids, mites mealybugs, are their favorite. They feed on soft-bodied insects that feed on vegetation. Ladybugs are so important to have in a vegetable garden. Some places people call them ladybrd beetles. They like moist and warm environments.

Let’s Pray for the Praying Mantis

Praying mantis are known to be the most beneficial insect. They have two thick front legs that have spikes that hold its prey. It eats its food after it strikes. They also eat wasps and bees. This Bug is the only one that is fast enough to catch a moth. These guys eat aphids, caterpillars, mosquitoes, and leafhoppers. They sit on the plant and wait to ambush their prey. At night you can find them near a porch light and flowering plants.

Nighttime security guards for your garden

These are the ground beetles. They feed on slugs, caterpillars, ants, cutworms and potato beetles. These beetles are only active at night. They love to feed on squash vine borers and earworms. They eat almost anything that moves including earthworms. These beetles can’t climb so they can only feed on what is on the ground or just below the soil. If you have any rotting logs or flat stones or pavers in your garden more than likely they are under it.

Wiggle or squirm its just a worm

Worms are fantastic for your garden. The benefits are that they will tunnel in the soil, eating organic matter and they excrete it as castings. this is an excellent fertilizer. it helps bid calcium iron and sulfur to help plants thrive. Encourage Earthworms to live in your garden, grass clippings, compost and manure from animals helps them. Earthworms turn soil into improved soil they reproduce very quickly. If you do not see worms in your soil then you know you need to add organic material for new earthworm colonies to start. Earthworms remove fungal spores in your garden and help clean unwanted organic materials. You can buy earthworms and put them in your garden from most fishing bait and tackle stores if you don’t see any in your garden. Next we’ll talk about the bad bugs in your garden.

There are a lot more Good bugs you have in your garden but if you don’t see these try to get some to put in there, It will help polinate, and lessen your struggle to get rid of bad bugs on your own.

Happy Gardening :)!

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