Using Carrier Oils

A carrier oil is a natural base oil most made from plants. These oils are used with your essential oils to dilute the concentration of the pure oils. Carrier oils are normally sold near or around your essential oils. These oils are lighter to be able to use in massage. Some of these oils will be more expensive then others depending on the vegetable or nut used to make them.

One of the best carrier oils, Almond

Almond oil is one of the most popular it is very lightly scented, good for sensitive skin use. If a person is allergic to almonds then I suggest not using this oil. It is rich in Vitamin E and B6 and B2.

aloe vera as a carrier oil

Aloe Vera: Perfect for wound and burn use, This oil is not one of the easiest to find.

Avocado has a nutty aroma, and heavy texture, deep olive color.

Calendula, good for salves and heal difficult skin it is a mix of vegeable oil mixed with the calendula blossoms.

Carrier oil such as calendula

Oils E-J

Evening Primrose is an oil that is high in omega 6 fatty acids use this for eczema and skin prep. It is one of the pricier ones.

Grapeseed is a lightweight, nutty scent oil. It is used for massage. When buying this oil, make sure it has been expeller pressed and that it does not have chemical residue in it.

Hazelnut oil is great for people that suffer from oily skin, If you are looking for an oil that is high in moisturizing then choose another oil, It is astringent as well. This oil penetrates the skin very fast.

Jojoba oil is another popular oil. It has an indefinite shelf life perfect choice for acne skin, highly moisturizing and perfect carrier oil for massage.

M-W Oils

Macadamia Oil it has a sweet nutty scent it can be overpowering and it should be used as a massage oil. It is thicker then most carrier oils.

Olive Oil can last up to two years it is the least favorite among the carrier oils It can be greasy at times with a thick texture

Sesame Oil has a unique scent to it, mostly used in Asian cuisine it is very slow to absorb making it thick but excellent for massage use.

Walnut Oil is a fantastic oil used for moisturizing and replenishing dry skin helps with canker sores and warts This oil is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, If you are allergic to walnuts do not use.

walnut carrier oil

Wheat Germ Oil has a very strong aroma and is dark in color. This oil needs to be refrigerated. It has a shelf life of about 2 months. It is perfect for facial and body moisturizers.

We’ll talk more about safety using essential oils next.

Happy Oiling:)!

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