The Do’s and Dont’s of Essential Oils

Essential Oils are the hype right now and there are alot of do’s and dont’s when using these. Not All Essential oils in the store are created equal.

bottles of essential oils

Look at the Label

Do look at the label. Make sure the oil you are buying has one ingredient only and that is the oil of the ingredient. That is it. If you see other ingredients on the bottle such as fragrance oil, perfume or identical natural oil that is a good sign you are not getting the pure essential oil in that bottle.

Do make sure the bottle is dark colored. This is standard. Most premium oil will have stoppers in the bottle to not allow air to get in the bottle. You will see some have eyedroppers which do allow air in the bottle.

Do look for the Price difference. Buying certain oils should be more expensive than others due to the fact it takes more of a plant to make it. 100 pounds of Lavender oil equals one pound of oil. If you see a brand of oils and all the prices are the same something is not right.

Do not buy mixed or concentrated oils these are for candles, cleaners or handmade products. These oils in this form have had their impurities removed. They have been rectified and or redistilled, which are fine for including them in these products. They produce a much stronger scent.

Organic Essential oil

It is your choice to buy Organic. There are a lot of factors that come into play, price, availability, and location as to where you buy these. They should be certified to be organic. These oils should have no chemicals on the plant at all before making into an oil.

Do keep your oils in a dark and cool place if they are close to any heat or direct sunlight they will deteriorate.

Do an allergy test with the oil. If you are allergic to Basil then do not buy Basil oil. Oils are high concentrations of the plant.

Not if your pregnant

Do skip oils if you are in your first-trimester being pregnant, There are some warnings that are not put on every bottle. Some oil can stimulate blood flow in the uterus bringing on menstruation. Many oils are emmenagogues.

Do not go out and buy every oil on the market. As convincing as it sounds to have a medicine cabinet full of hundreds of oils. Start small with your collection and build up to a bigger collection, The basics such as citrus, peppermints, lavender, rosemary and tea tree are good beginning oils.

Happy Essential Oil using :)!

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