Common Gardening Questions people ask

When I am in the garden nurseries or plant sections in the store I always seem to start up conversations with people buying plants. A few of them are newbies and learning how to grow a garden, plant some flowers or put a tree in their yard. so I thought I would answer a few common questions

Will this grow for me?

Most plants that are sold in your area will grow with the right soil, light, and proper watering. Find out if the plant you are buying requires full sun or shade, a lot of water or just a little bit.

What is a great low growing shrub to grow?

Depending on what zone you live depends on what to plant, there are a lot of plants to fill this need. If you want something that is easy maintenance try:

variegated gardenia :it lives in full sun and acidic soil.

Boxwoods shrubs: are low-maintenance, provide year-round color, are deer-resistant,
disease and insect resistant, and grow in a number of different shapes and sizes.

French Hydrangea: Reaching only 18″ in height, it’s compact size
it has a neat appearance. The richly colored, pink blooms are long-lasting and beautiful requires less maintenance and pruning than other hydrangea


Indian Hawthorne: Prized for its strong disease resistance and dense compact habit. Abundant white flowers followed by dark blue berries. Reaches up to 3 feet tall.

Indian Hawthorne

Can I grow tomatoes?

Not at all. You need to have full sun. the right soil. A good Plant. DO not overwater it, Tomatoes are not easy to grow but they aren’t super hard either. Tomatoes have a lot of issues if they are not taken care of, there is blossom end rot, blight and caterpillars infestation. Don’t let that scare you. You can plant tomatoes by seed early on, or buy the plant. Tomatoes grow great in containers.

What is a easy annual that blooms to plant?

One of the easiest is Sunflowers, Marigolds, Petunias, Vinca, Zinnias and Cosmos. These can be grown by seed, quickly.


What are some fast growing Trees?

Planting a tree at the right time is crucial for its growth, Depending on where you live, There are native tree species that will flourish in your soil. Maples, Popler, Weeping Willow and River Birch trees grow pretty fast and will offer shade in a just a few years.

Maples have a huge variety of different species red sugar, silver and, Japanese. There are over 125 varieties so you should have no trouble finding one in your zone, These trees are deciduous. They lose their leaves during fall and in winter.

Maple tree
Maple Tree

Poplar trees grow in Zones 3-9, They are fast growing with lots of shade. they can grow up to 8 feet each year. IF you are looking for shade or privacy this is the tree for you. They grow up to 40-50 feet tall. You can get the Tulip which flowers, or Lombardy, this tree has unusual branches.

Weeping Willow is another fast growing tree. It can grow 6-8 feet per year, IT is a highly adaptable tree. the roots of this tree look for a water source. You see them mostly near rivers and lakes. Although they are tolerant to drought, Willows have a distinct shade covering canopy, They can grow 35-40 feet tall. and take full to partial sun. they grow in ZOnes 4-9 , just about all over the US.

weeping willow tree
Weeping Willow Tree

River Birch is a beautiful tree if you have wet conditions they grow fantastic. They grow in zones 4-9. The bark on this tree “peels” which make it an unusual specimen in your yard, they have hidden flowers that produce seeds for birds. These trees grow 6-8 feet per year and require full sun.

Gardening is rewarding

Gardening is rewarding, it reduces stress. It provides shade and color in your yard, food to eat and increases the oxygen level. If you have questions about gardening, send me a message or comment below.

Happy gardening :)!

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