Let’s grow Catmint, Meow

Catmint is not what you are thinking of, it has nothing to do with a cat. This is not catnip either. It has some difference as catnip as it is not as pretty in the garden as this is, It is a beautiful plant with deep purple blue flowers and the leaves are gray looking, Catmint is used in teas and insect repellent. It is wonderful to use to deter aphids and Japanese beetles. Catnip attracts cats, If you dont want alot of cats in your garden I suggest planting catmint instead.

grow catmint

How to grow Catmint

Catmint is super easy. It can grow in sun or partial shade, same as other mints make sure your soil is well drained. You can propagate it by the water method or seeds, If you are in a zone where this is high heat, this plant makes it great for the dry area its tolerant in drought areas. Do not overcrowd this type of mint if overcrowded it will have leaf spot and powdery mildew on the leaves.

How to use it and when?

Most times of the year, but Spring being the best you can separate the plants to move around and divide the plants for more of them,. WHen the plants get a few inches make sure you pinch them to make them more bushier. Its best to dedhead the blooms to ncourage more flowers.

The Uses of catmint as with most herbs you can use in cooking and herbal use. Cut the leaves stems and flowers to let them dry in a cool area. Once these are dried you can store them in a mason jar or a sealed tight container to preserve it for a longer time.

How to use Catmint

Catmint although it has a relaxing effect on humans it differed with cats. If you have tummy issues , such as sour stomach or diarrhea . Essential oils from catmint helps with stress, Anxiety, and athritis relif. It is powerful herb. Using it is used also as A insect repellant. It supresses coughs by the mucilage properties it has. You can find the essential oils or tablet form as a herbel supplemtn in most natural or health food stores, Another way it is commonly used is by drinking tea. Do not put the catmint in boiling water you want to make sure it is steeped in water then drink it like any other herbel tea you would.

Precautions of taking

There are some medical dangers, It magnifies the effects of sedatives so be careful in consuming catmint if you take these. another thing it changes the way lithium is removed from your body, so make sure the dosage is lowered to accommodate the increase of lithium you have in your body. As with any herbal supplements you need to make sure this is OK with your doctor before taking. Please use caution when taking any Herb.

Happy Catmint growing :)!

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