How to Grow Ginger Mint

How to grow ginger mint you ask. It’s amazing the number of varieties of mint is out there. Ginger mint (Mentha x gracilis syn.) You might hear this mint be called different things such as Scotch, or Austrian mint. It has beautiful lavender blooms. The aroma smells like spearmint. It is crossed between corn mint and spearmint.

ginger mint

Growing this mint is the same as every other mint. Just make sure the soil is not to dry and it needs to have a sunny location. You can grow by dividing or propagate the stems in water. There is one more way and that is a cutting from an existing plant. These plants have runners and you can always take a runner cut it and put it in dirt. These are pretty hardy once established. These are sterile plants and do not have seeds. If you start seeing aphids spray them with a insecticide. As with all mints, it can get out of control fast so try to keep it contained. You can grow this in a container as well.

Keep your mint tamed by trimming the older stems back. it will encourage new growth and stems to grow. When taking leaves from the plant wash them and let them dry out for future use. If you are using the leaves fresh use them as soon as they are harvested. The herb is very attrative to bees, butterflies and birds.

How to use this

Using this mint it has fantastic properties such as aantiseptic and beneficial effects on the digestion. You can make tea from the leaves to help with fevers and headaches. Boil the ware and steep the leaves or use a diffuser in fresh cool water. As with any herb you must be careful and not go overboard with it.

Cooking and medicinal uses

Ginger mint pairs well with melon, tomatoes, meats, and fish dishes. It has a slight ginger scent with an apple, ginger flavor.

Precautions: the oil is antiseptic, but it is toxic in large doses.

Happy Ginger Mint planting:)!

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