Chocolate Mint, So much more with this Herb

chocolate mint

Chocolate Mint. Oh me oh my. The Latin name is Mentha x Piperita ‘Chocolate’. this plant is easy to grow and smells fantastic. It has a strong but subtle chocolate scent. Use these fragrant leaves in your meals and drinks. You can grow this herb inside or outside in a container. If you plant this in the garden watch out it grows fast and can take over a garden bed quickly.

How to grow

Growing this fragrant plant is just like growing most mints, You can propagate it, cut a piece, pull off some of the leaves, and place it in a cup of water. Dividing the plant once its established is another way. You will see it trail along the ground just below the surface if you pull some up it will have roots and is easy to plant. Growing this herb requires full to partial sun. It needs some sun for the oils in the leaves to be fragrant. Water and fertilize it often. It will have flowers and they are pinkish in color. You can also start these plants as with other mints by seeds. It doesn’t take much care for this plant, sun, and water. During Winter it will survive a light frost but will die back to the ground during cold months.

How to use mint daily.

This particular mint is super good in ice teas. Boil water and steep the leaves. You can use the leaves in an infuser for flavored water. Let it sit and add some ice. The ways to incorporate mint into foods are endless. If you do use the leaves in deserts I would suggest cutting them up finely so your not getting a leaf in your mouth.

There are some health benefits using this mint it is anti-microbial and digestive soothing properties, you can easily calm tummy issues as well.

Happy Chocolate mint growing :)!

chocolate cake and chocolate mint leaves herbs

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