Learn how to plant mint from seeds

I have taught you how to propagate mint from plants, now onto seeds. It is just as easy. The plants will take off once they come up. Getting them to sprout take a little work and mostly sunshine. There are so many positives about growing mint in your garden. The smell of fresh mint is almost intoxicating, no matter what variety you choose to grow. It is beneficial for having fresh flavor in your foods and drinks.

When to Plant

You can grow mint anytime if you have the right temperature and sunlight, The secret to growing perfect mint plants is moisture. If you have too much water and drown the seeds you will not get good plants. You have to have well-drained soil. The soil needs to be a little acidic and moist but not soaking wet.. Spring or summertime is the best so that the temperatures are warm enough to plant outside.

growing mint from seed

How to plant

Planting these seeds is pretty easy. The seeds are very small so, using a seed injector will help. If you just want to take your chances and try planting them one by one. It takes less than 2 weeks and you will have new green seedlings sprouted.

What Zone to Plant Mint

Most seed packets will tell you the zone you live on to the perfect time to plant. TH weather needs to be warm enough for the seeds to germinate, unless you are starting them indoors first. You will need to sow them in 1.4-inch soil just enough to cover the seed to get it to start germinating. You can use just about anything to plant the seeds, Cover them lightly and make sure they have full sun or a warm location. If you can cover what you have planted the seeds in it will help speed up the process.

Gardening zone map

When you see them starting to sprout you should wait until they have at least 2 leaves before taking them outdoors to acclimate unless they are already there. One they are ready to be transplanted to a bigger area to grow, make sure they stay mosit and in a sunny spot.

Do not water too much

If you water your mint too much it has a high chance of getting fungus. When the plant is established you can use fertilizer. Depending on where you live. I live in Florida and my mint is grown in a raised bed, I fertilize my plants every 2 weeks being we have such hot weather. Make sure you water your plants and when you see them droopy, water them some more. Mint grows fast and spreads. If you do not have the room for a lot of spreading mint either contain it or put the mint in a bigger size container. Mint is such a versatile herb and is such a huge medicinal benefit.

Happy Planting ­čÖé

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