How to propagate Mint

How to grow mint quick and free. Instead of buying several more plants, just grow some more. It is simple and easy to do.

Find you a healthy plant and count down a few leaves from the top of the stem and take off those leaves. Have a cup of water and stick it in there. Keep the cup in a sunny location. I always add a few drops of liquid fertilizer, it give the baby a boost in sprouting roots. In less than 2 weeks you will have roots sprouted from the stem. Make sure you set the jar in a sunny window sill. The roots will be about 2 inches in length.

stem of mint in a jar to propagate

One the roots are long enough, you can plant in a paper cup or in loose soil in a pot. A few weeks later you will have a strong healthy herb ready to plant in the ground. If you used a paper cup just open the bottom up and you can plant it right in the soil. If you plant this in full sun make sure you water it daily and not too much, it will dry out fast. There are not enough roots to absorb water. If your plant is growing in shade it will not have the minty aroma as it grows better in full sun. Keep the mint in your garden contained or in a pot, it is very invasive and it grows very fast. Remember:

ull sun

Just enough water don’t drown it.

Keep it contained

Doing this you will have fresh mint all season long to enjoy in your foods and drinks. Happy Mint growing ­čÖé read more

grow a pot of mint propagated

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