Types of Mint for the Garden

What types of mint is for you? It is a fantastic asset in your garden. It is fast growing, smells fantastic, and easy to take care of. The mint family(genus mentha) has square stems and aromatic leaves and has hundreds of varieties. Most of the common mints are grown in home gardens.

They are pretty simple and easy to grow. They like well-drained soil and partial shade to full sun. It can be a nuisance and will take over if you let it. When you are planting them in your garden keep the different varieties on opposite sides of the beds. When planted close to another mint it will cross-pollinate with each other and that tends to make one plant with different features.

Choosing the right variety

When you go to your gardening center you will see several common types of mint, normally they just cluster all the varieties together but believe or not each has different smell and flavor. They have different characteristics such as using them for essential oils, cooking, medicinal, aromatherapy and the flowers that they produce. Depending on the variety you choose will be where you live and what is readily available, you can grow mint from seed in a short time as well.

types of green mint

Various Common types


chocolate mint

ginger mint


apple mint

lavender mint

grapefruit mint

licorice mint



types of mint

Keep on growing

No matter what kind you grow, you will see it trails quickly under the ground and new shoots will start to appear all in your garden beds, A lot of people who grow mint that do not have a huge area for their herbs will grow it in a pot to keep it contained. If you are looking to propagate mint. Next, I will teach you how to take cuttings and grow more in your garden. Happy Mint Planting :). go here for next page to learn how to propagate.

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