How to Start Growing Herbs

Wouldnt you like to have herbs all the time? then growing a herb garden is for you . All you need is a window. Buying fresh herbs are pricey in the store, you buy these plastic containers in the produce section and normally will only use a portion of them. Once opened the herbs go bad quickly. Stop buying those. It is more cost effective to buy some pots, a bag of dirt, and some herbs at a gardening store to grow, that way you will have fresh herbs all season long,

oregano herbs

Growing a herb garden is easy. Having herbs in your garden will not only help get rid of other pests, but you can eat and dry them. They are plant-based foods that are beneficial in cooking. Herbs offer vitamins, anti-inflammatory benefits, and antioxidants. Not to mention they are plentiful in flavor. I have many herbs in my garden and having them readily available I can use them daily. A few leaves added to your dishes will give your meal an extra boost in flavor.

pot of lavender herb

What herbs to start with

Depending on what store you go to, the selection of herbs vary. Here are the most common herbs to purchase as a staple in your garden.

  • Rosemary
  • Basil
  • Thyme
  • Mints
  • Cilantro
  • Oregano
  • Parsley
  • Lavender
  • Chives
basil herb plant

So many ways to use herbs

Dry the herbs to use in recipes to have on hand when they are done producing.

Add to any sandwich, Basil is a great flavor booster.

Make Pesto.

Cilantro for salsa and Mexican food dishes.

Oregano fresh or dried in marinara and homemade sauces.

Rosemary in breads.

Add mint with watermelon and make a water-infused pitcher for a hot day better than any soft drink.

Growing Herbs take some work. It doesn’t matter if you are not an expert gardener or a beginner, you can practice growing these beauties till you get the hang of it. Whether you live in an apartment and need to grow them all in garden containers or you have 100 acres to plant everywhere. You still will get more uses of your plant growing for a month or so than buying those expensive packages at the store.

Tips to keep your herbs alive and growing successfully
  1. Light, they need to have a sunny window or full sun is the best.
  2. Don’t stuff a lot of herbs in a pot, they need space to grow and if they are squeezed in there they won’t have the sunlight and space needed.
  3. Don’t overwater, if they have too much water they will attract gnats. The herb needs to have moist soil but not soaking, it will be too much moisture.
  4. Don’t underwater, if you see your plant thirsty give it some water. droopy plants are the first sign they are not going to last.
  5. Drainage, make sure they have a hole in the bottom of the pot to drain. You don’t want your herbs sitting in water.
  6. Dehead and trim your herbs when they are starting to get leggy you know the time they have spent with you is done, Most herbs grow and grow and grow. Mint, for example, will take over if you let it.

Give fresh herbs a try, you will be happy to have the aroma nearby and healthy flavor boosters to add to your foods. Save money by not buying those little plastic containers at the store anymore. Most herbs will grow year-round inside for you. You’re not out much money by trying a few to start with, Happy Herb planting :)!.

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