Go Hug A Cactus

Go hug a Cactus, I’m sure you have heard this. Cactus are everywhere from themed clothes to sheets. It is all the rage on Instagram, there are over 2 million hashtags #cactus, #givemeahug, #succulents, #cacti. Now you see more prints on home decor, shower curtains, and towels. They are becoming more popular as people are seeing the ease of growing these marvelous plants, pretty much anyone can.

home decor cactus theme
pot of cactus

Easy to grow

Growing cacti is easy. If you are one of those people that forget to water plants, cacti are for you. You can find them at home and garden stores such as garden nurseries, Home Depot, and Lowes. They always have a nice selection. Lately, the sections at the stores have multiplied in size due to the popularity of people wanting to grow them. Start with something small, buy a few mini ones to plant to see if growing these are for you. They are slow growing, some will bloom flowers, some just grow straight up. Cacti take a specific kind of growing medium. When handling these prickly little suckers, it is always best to wear gloves that can’t be pricked through.

Is It Faux?

It does not require the talent of green thumbs, but if it’s not for you then the selection of faux ones are everywhere from Michaels to Hobby Lobby. Faux ones look just like the real ones except with no maintenance.

small bowl of cactus
cactus garden bowl

Cactus Obsession

I can say I’m obsessed with these. I follow Instagram feeds and I have tattoos of them,Ā growing them is my passion, and a lot of my decor in my home is the theme. There are so many stores that are selling cactus theme items such as, Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

a picture of a cactus saying free hugs
a pot of baby cactus blooming
baby cactus blooming

Right now it’s getting hotter and the flowers are starting to bloom, Its time to go buy more and give them a hug. Happ Planting šŸ™‚

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