Finding the right garden shovel for you

shovel digging in the dirt

Everyone who has a garden or even a yard needs a shovel. You can dig holes, break up the soil, get rid of tough weeds, and edge your yard. Buying a shovel is not a life-changing experience, I promise you. If you have a yard or a garden you will need one. They come in all shapes and sizes.  Here I’ll explain the differences on the options you have.

  • A standard shovel.  They have a rounded blade that is concaved and comes to a point. It is pretty much a multi-purpose tool around the yard and garden. You will use these for digging holes, moving rocks, mulch or dirt. Next is picking your handle.  Shovel handles vary from wood, fiberglass, and even metal. There are D handle shovels as well, some handles have a comfort grip around them to help your hands. the fiberglass handles are the lightest. 
  • A spade is a shovel that has a flat edge with a concave blade. this is not a tool you will use to dig holes with but smaller projects such as lawn edging or if you are making a drain. 
  • A trowel is a mini shovel you hold in your hand most have short handles. You use these in your garden for planting new plants, transplanting or using with pots
  • A scoop or transfer shovel  (same shovel different names)  They are used for big portions of material such as dirt, snow, hay, mulch and leaves
  • A d-handle shovel will give you better control. D-handles come on rakes, forks, and trowels as well.

Shovel Heads

The next thing to consider is what shovel head is right for you. Here are the most common..  rounded, pointed, square and some shovels even have saw blade like spades.

 Sometimes it can get overwhelming, but just pick one or all that suits your needs. I know so many options right ? 9 out of  10 avid gardeners  have multiple shovels for different aspects of gardening.  You do get what you pay for. Most good shovels come with warranties in case the handle breaks or something happens to the head of it.  Picking a shovel to fit your needs and within your price range is easy You can visit any home improvement center.  

The two highest rated shovels

 The two of the highest rated multi purpose shovels.  First is the  Fiskars long handle digging shovel. Having alot of great features , it’s 14 gauge steel blade with a steel handle has been welded together so it won’t crack or break when using. The handle has a rubber grip so it protects your hands and gives you more support .  The only negative is it is over 6 pounds which is quite heavy of a shovel. coming in at a moderately priced shovel at $33-$38.

Fiskars Multi purpose shovel

The next shovel is the Root Assiassin. It is a  60″ long shovel with a fiberglass handle. Which, makes it super lightweight, weighing only 2.2 pounds.  There are 2 wing like additions on the shovel to allow you to get more in each scoop and that it doesn’t fall off your shovel when carrying,  plus an extra large foot step. 

No matter what garden or outdoor task you have to do, there are several shovels out there for the job.  Happy shovel shopping  🙂

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