Easy and fast vegetables to grow in your garden.

 What vegetables are fast and easy to grow in your garden? It is becoming more and more popular as people learn that what they are eating have so many pesticides and chemicals on them. Growing your own vegetables can not only be productive but therapeutic.. You will save tons of money by growing your own edible food.

Im going to tell you about the most popular vegetables that are the fastest to grow. These are a few Radish, Lettuce, green beans, onions and carrots.


The first easy fast growing plant is radishes. They are fast growers and super easy, you could plant a seed in a bucket and 3 weeks later have a radish. These little plants make them great to grow with kids. If you are teaching them how to plant and grow things these are perfect. Most radishes from start to finish take about 3 weeks to grow. You will need to pick them as soon as they are large enough to eat. Most Radishes left in the ground become spicier, they will get big crack and rot, that’s just valuable real estate in your garden.

Green Beans

Green Beans are nex. They are easy and fast to grow . I plant anywhere from one to two packets and 45-55 days later boom I have bushes filled with green beans. They are easy to grow. Get the bush variety they don’t take up a lot of room and yield quite a bit of beans. Most green bean plants don’t have too many issues such as pests. When the bean is long enough to go ahead and pick it,6-8 inches is a good size to pick although for me I like them smaller so I pick anywhere from 3-5 inches. Some people call them snap beans, there are all sorts of different colors shapes and sizes of beans.

Green onions

The next vegetable for easy growing is Green onions. Some people call them spring onions or you might hear the word scallions to be fancy. You are just growing them for the tops. Leaving them in the dirt long enough you will get a healthy onion out of it as well. Green onions are quick growes 70-90 days is what the norm is. I leave mine in the dirt until we are ready to use them.

these onions have been growing for about 2 months.


Lettuce has a good wrap of being one the most popular to grow, More and more people are eating salads and growing your own is beneficial. You must have shade and cooler weather temperature to grow. Ther are some pests such as snails that will attach themselves and have a field day on your plants but if taken care of you will have a good head of it. From the time you plant a lettuce seed, it takes 45-55 days before it has grown large enough to harvest, although I harvest mine sometimes when it is small to use as microgreens. Depending on which variety you choose could lengthen the time frame if you are wanting to grow Romaine lettuce, it can take up to 85 days from start to harvest.

edible gardening at its peak Green leaf lettuce


Carrots are a perfect asset to having a colorful garden. The easiest way to plant carrots being the seeds are microscopic is seed tape. You can make your own or buy it in stores where seeds are sold, I buy the Burpee seed tape it’s easy to plant and 9 out 10 times I get healthy carrots. Carrots usually are ready within 60-80 days from start to finish, There are purple, white and the standard orange some are short some are very thin, plant the seeds that are to your liking. If you leave your carrots in the ground during winter they will be sweeter when you pull them.

Burpee variety of carrots

Time to plant

Having an edible garden can be what you make it with a little work dirt and sun. You can grow these vegetables in anything from a bucket to raised beds. There are several more vegetables you can grow that are easy and don’t take a lot of green thumb knowledge. I will discuss them next. 

Happy Gardening.

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