Growing A small garden in your yard

Growing a small garden can be beneficial. You can get enough food out of a 4×8 garden bed like me. I’ll show you easy steps to help you have a great garden this year. I live in North Florida so our growing season for vegetables is long. We can plant early Feb to late November. First, let’s talk about where you’re going to be planting. Make sure it has good soil and a sunny location, Vegetables will not grow well if there is not enough sun. This year I started out with tomatoes, Sweet peas, Onions, Carrots, radishes, cabbage, green beans and eggplant I have it all in my little garden bed. I use the Burpee seed tape for my radishes, carrots, and lettuce. it’s very easy you unfold the tape and put it in the hole cover it with some dirt and your done

Seed Tape You can buy or make

You can always make your own seed tape here is a link to how to.

Fantastic Seed Tape and its Organic.

I grow just about everything from seed. It is cheaper then buying plants. Sometimes I do buy tomato seedlings. Shown in the photo are my 4 foot high raised beds. I mix in extra bags of new garden soil and compost each seasons before I start planting to give it a healthy start. Raised beds leach out nutrients so its best to heavily fertilize.

In the morning I love going to the garden before it gets hot. I start to pick the sweet peas and green beans. I check the tomatoes for any new caterpillars that have popped up overnight. It is satisfying to know that tonight’s dinner will include the green beans I planted and tended. I know they are clean without pesticides and will taste great. In my yard, I have blueberry bushes, blackberries, Raspberries, Guava, Fig, A Pomegranate tree and I just planted a dragonfruit, well see how she grows.

Lettuce eat

Organic Green leaf lettuce is a great asset to your salad. I use the seed tape to plant my seeds. Before the weather gets scorching hot I get a few heads out of the garden, Watch out for snails. All kinds of lettuce grow great in cool weather. My onions are just onion sets I buy 100 in a bag. I slightly cover them in the dirt just till the tip of the onion is exposed. Green onions grow quick. They have very little issues with bugs.

Lettuce and green onions

So sweet a pea.

Sweet Peas

Tons of sweet Peas.

Sweet Peas take very little time to grow once planted, You can get peas in less than 2 months from your plants. Just Make sure you have a trellis or something for them to grow up, They are super climbers and the more they climb they more they will produce, They are also a haven for aphids. If you get them on your plants you need to treat them quickly, they will take over an entire plant in less then a weekend.

Tomato or tomáto

Here is my little bed on the side of my house, it’s about 2 feet by 4 feet. I have 7 tomato plants, Sweet peas, Basil, Parsley and chives planted in it, I made a little border of bricks. I added a few bags of Miracle grow garden soil and planted my tomatoes. They are all heirloom in this bed. I have about 50 tomatoes so far on these plants.

Fresh Parsley is so yummy

My Parsley I grew from Seed. I started seeds around February inside my house and planted in my garden bed in April. I will usethe parsley in my cooking through spring and summer and at the end of the season I dry whats left.

Happy Green Beans…. 🙂

Green beans are super easy to grow. All you need to do is dig a hole throw em in. That’s it. Most Beans are super easy to grow. Some are bush some grow on a vine. There are hundreds of varieties, I prefer growing bush being they don’t take much room and I can plant a lot of them.

I buy these seeds. they aren’t much more then non organic seeds. They grow quick. Easy to grow I plant one packet of seeds in my beds early april it takes about 4 weeks they will be up and 2 more before they start producing beans.

not yet ready to pick, but close.

You can grow a small garden whether it’s in pots or the ground. I hope that if you have any questions about growing just ask me Ill be happy to help.

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