Easy to build a raised garden bed.

Want to build a raised garden in less then 2 hours well you can and it’s easier then you think. Let’s build this. Maybe you live in a place where it floods or you don’t like bending over to pick your vegetables, like me. We live near the Bayou and our water table is extremely high here in Florida. I asked my husband to come up with a way to have a raised bed, easy for me to grow things without bending over.

He’s a genius.

My husband created a raised garden bed that would be 8 foot long by 4 foot wide and 4 feet tall, using 8-foot metal panels. Pressure treated 4×4’s and 2×4’s and one box of screws. We used: 3 sheets of 8 ft Galvanized corrugated metal panels, 3 8 foot 4×4’s, 6 8 foot 2x4s. He built two of these. It took 25 bags of dirt to fill up each one. We spent less than $200 for both beds. We bought everything at Home Depot.

How did we build it you ask ?

First, we made a frame of 4x4s on each corner then as you see in the photo. Next, we used screws and attached the 2×4’s on the top, bottom, and sides for stability. The metal panels go inside the frame so the dirt doesn’t fall out. We had some leftover wood laying around that we used for more support at the ends of the boxes. Some people have argued with me about the chemicals from the pressure treated wood leaching in the dirt to my plants, I tell them the wood is not even exposed to the dirt, it is covered by the metal panels. Here is the before picture empty.

Easy to build , this is it empty before dirt.

So, this is what the garden bed looks like 2 years later. It has held up great between two hurricanes and the Florida heat. I have grown a garden every season, year round, although here in Florida we only have two seasons hot and hotter. You will need to add a few bags of dirt periodically and fertilize more than a ground garden. The nutrients escape faster. I personally do not use raised bed dirt. My go-to is Miracle grow garden soil, sometimes I use compost and the beginning of the Spring I put in lime, manure and mushroom compost.

You can build this, we did, its easier then you think.

You can do this, its actually easier then you think, once you are at the lumber store you get them to cut the wood for you there that way when you get home to assemble it with screws, add the dirt and plant away, I think it took us maybe 2 hours to build each one of these. This made me happy to have such a fantastic asset to my garden.

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